Monday, 10 October 2011

Hair Journey: Protective Style- Senegalese Twists

So i thought id make a proper post about my hair. I recently got waist (-ish) length senegalese twists. Here is all the info i thought may be handy for those who are contemplating getting it done.

So as i said, my twists are waist length. They are around half the thickness of my little finger. They took 10 hours to complete. I think it would have taken less time than that (maybe around 6 hours), however my braider was the only person at the salon on the day i went, so she had to keep stopping and starting whilst she did other customers hair (mostly just relaxing and setting… nothing too time consuming). I think any other person wouldn’t have stood for that, but i guess im just patient, plus i didnt have anywhere else to be on that day. This style should normally cost around £80.. i think if any salon tries to say they’re gonna charge you more than this, you should just leave and find somewhere else. In my case I got a discount as i was a regular customer at my salon and so i got this style for considerably less, which im happy about :).

The type of hair i used was a brand called Xpressions, which is 100% kanekalon hair.

I used colour 1b and colour 2. There is no real difference between both of these colours. Colour 2 is supposed to be slightly more brown than 1b but the difference is not apparent at all in my eyes. Colour 2 is mostly on the top half of my head as this blends better with my natural hair colour.

Altogether i used 3 packs of hair to achieve the waist length. My braider cut the hair that was in each packet into 3 and the full twist came to my waist. I’m quite small (around 5”3) and so these measurements may not be the same for everyone. If you are taller, you may want to cut the hair in half rather than in thirds. You also may need 4 or 5 packs rather than just three that i used, depending on your height or head shape (… lol).

Each pack cost £2.50.. which i know is a rip- off as some places do sell it for £1.99, but i was lazy lol and couldnt be bothered to travel to these places (even though i drive…….. lol… yeaa thats how lazy i can get…). You can purchase Xpressions from any african hair shop.

Erm, so yeahh i think that’s all i have to say about my twists. They’re a nice little style to do for autumn/winter. I’d like to point out that i am not transitioning or anything like that.. i just wanted a new style as i was getting sick of weaves!

As it is october now, i feel that this protective style can see me through until january/ february… maybe even longer with the right maintenance. As i’ve only just got these done i cannot yet comment on washing and conditioning my hair underneath braids as i have not done this yet, but maybe when the time arrives ill make another post.

That’s all from me. Hope this helped :) xx


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