Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hair Journey: Natural Oils, Protein and more confusion!

Heyy guys!
So this is a post where i would love the input of my readers as i need a bit of advice. As i said in previous posts i am starting my own personal hair journey. I'm not transitioning, nor am i natural. My hair is relaxed, and i am just aiming to make my hair as healthy as possible, as i have realised my growth rate is increasing quite rapidly with all of the protective styles i am doing.

So it's been said that natural oils are great for afro-caribbean hair. The moisturiser im using currently(Elasta QP Recovery Anti-Breakage Oil Moisturiser) contains Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avacado Oil and Organic extracts, and i have actively seen the difference these ingredients have made to the condition of my hair. I am planning to (once i have taken out my protective style) start moisturising my hair as normal, and then sealing it with a pure natural oil. But my question is which oil is the best?... Does it even matter which one i use?

Yesterday, I was supposed to be doing university work but instead ended up on Holland & Barretts website researching and browsing all of the products they sell that aid hair growth :S lol... i definitely know where my priorities are(!)
So i also came across supplements such as protein tablets and Vitamin B pills, which supposedly help keep the hair healthy (... please correct me if im wrong). I'v heard from a few people who have taken these and it has been a success for them, but i feel slightly uneasy about taking pills. Im also a bit skeptical about whether it will actually work for me? When i get back to London i will definitely be going to Holland & Barretts to get some advice, nonetheless.

So guys, have any of you used similar products to aid your hair growth, and what were your results? I'd love to hear!

(This isn't my best post. The idea just came to my head and so i decided to blog it. My posts are usually planned to some extent and this one really isn't, so apologies for that! lol)

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  1. I think it's great that you want to take more care of your own hair... The only product I used for hair growth was castor oil, it made my thicker & less breakable.. Good luck with your journey beauty:)


  2. @Leisy Oo thanks. I'll have to give that a try! x

  3. I know what you mean! I'm on my own journey as well, and there is just an overwhelming amount of info on what to use for hair. I will take a look at that website u mentioned however lol...I say just use what ur hair loves and what works best for you. Key is moisture, constant moisture, but I'm sure you already know that=]

    Follow your passion:

  4. @Amaka* Hey Amaka! Yea, it seems like everyday i'm finding out new information. But i guess it's all part of the journey. Hope yours is going well :). Are you relaxed or natural? x

  5. Hiya,

    I have been on my healthy hair journey for nearly 2years and I have gone from NL (neck length)-APL (armpit length) in 18months.

    My sealant oil which is my staple is 'HOT SIX OIL' this is found in most beauty supply shops (tooting,brixton etc) This is a blend of loads of natural oils and smells good and works a treat.
    You can also seal with coconut oil/olive oil/castor oil.

    My 'growth aid' is JBCO jamaican black castor oil. and I have been using this on/off during my journey. If you want results quick you have to apply on clean scalp 3-4 times a week.
    I just use it once when I wash my hair and it has thicken my hair
    (it is most effective used on a clean scalp + massage the scalp)

    Some people use Biotin as supplement for hair growth but I haven't felt the need to do this.

    A great hair site that has given me tons on info is worth joining also is www.hairlista.com

    If you need any help check out my blog or drop me an comment and I'll help you :)



  6. @Maureen hey Maureen! Awh thank you SO much for your comment. I really appreciate it! I recently purchased jbco, I really like it. Currently im just applying it when needed, and i think i might add a few drops to my deep conditioner. I also joined hairlista last week. You're so right, it's so informative and has helped clear up a lot of my doubts and worries. I was thinking of using biotin but I was put off by many saying it caused them to break out. I guess everyone is different, and since you still managed to go from NL to APL without it shows that its not really a necessity. Anyway, thank you again! I will definitely drop you a comment if I need any help. :) x

  7. What you can do is read reviews of products; ask friends and family who perhaps have tried some to get a review. Also contact companies and ask them directly. If they do not have a phone number, email or address, I would treat that company very suspiciously. Also check that their products are produced under license with the relevant UK and EU endorsements. If they are imported from abroad, they may well be illegal and could contain any chemicals, some of which could be harmful and dangerous.
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Hey guys! Thank you in advance for your comments and feedback :) I always reply, so be sure to check back regularly for my responses :) Take Care.x


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