Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Collective Haul! Leather and PU! (PICTURE HEAVY)

Heyy guys! So im here today to bring you a collective haul. This is my first haul, and as i havent done much shopping lately i thought id show you some of the stuff i bought during summer. As you can tell by the title it all things leather! Tbh i think only one of my items is 100% leather lol. The rest is a material called PU which stands for Polyuerthene, which is basically a synthetic leather. To me its still leather.. it smells like leather, feels like leather, but is MUCH more affordable!

By the way, i did not get all of these products on the same day. It just dawned on me recently that i have quite a few leather-type products so i thought i would go ahead and make a haul. And leather is trending quite a bit these days.

So the first piece clothing is my PU biker jacket. I love this jacket soo much! I love the detailing and the gold zips and buckles. Just to warn you, it does have a strange odour to it.. its not me lol.. i was informed that it is common with material like this. But if you are thinking of getting this, or any other type of leather jacket, dont worry because the smell does wear off after the first wear. Well it did for me...

Slightly creased! ahh lol
Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge- £49

 The second item is a leather coin purse. I think this is 100% leather. This purse was actually my mum's but she kindly let me have it. I like simple things when it comes to bags and accessories so this was perfect for me. Small and cute.

My next (fake) leather item are Brogues! I've wanted a pair of these for ages so when i saw that Primark were selling them so cheaply i had to get myself a pair! They are so comfy, and can really dress-up an outfit. I love wearing these with tights and a pair of high-waisted shorts.

Brogues- Primark- £8

Speaking of high-waisted shorts... i also got myself a pair of PU ones! I love these. Im yet to wear them out though. I doubt i will any time soon looking at the weather now, but if you are brave enough they are definitely something you can pull off in any season with a good pair of tights!

PU shorts (Petite)- Miss Selfridge- £47

Ok, so my final item is PU leggings! You can literally wear these with anything. With knitwear on the colder days... with trainers and an oversized tee on your lazy days... with a nice blouse as a casual outfit... even on a night out with a good pair of heels. I have so many outfit ideas planned for these leggings! I got these from but they were super long! They didn't have it in the petites section
:( but its cool. When i wear these i simply fold the leg up to my ankles. Heres some pics for you guys...

Ahh please ignore my left leg lol. I folded it up really messily.
PU Leggings- ASOS- £20.

So that's it guys. Hope you liked my very first haul. Let me know what you think, so i can improve for my next one! :)
Take Care x

Disclaimer: All of the images below belong to and were taken by me. All of the products shown were bought by me with my own money.


  1. loving the leather haul!! I'm a lover of leather as well lol.. love the jacket & those shorts! great finds


  2. @Crystal Awh, thank you so much! I love your blog by the way. It's one of my regular reads :) x

  3. awessssooome leather shorts Love It x

  4. @lolita awh thank you! :) They're definitely my fav buy at the moment lol x


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